Says James McMahon: 

‘In the junior tournament 4 teams took part. The teams were from St. Nics. Church, Bridge Church and two from Clay Hill. The tournament was won by ‘Mans A Fish Cuz’, a team from Clay Hill. Each team had 6 players, so 25 young people took part (one team had an adult in goal).

In the adult tournament 9 teams took part. The teams were from Bridge Church, Kennet Christian Centre, Glendale, The Bus of Hope, Clay Hill, Thatcham Tornadoes Dads, Newbury Hall International School, The Community Furniture Project, and our very own ‘YMCA FC’ Team, who were the eventual winners! It was nice to get a good number of teams from across the local community. Most teams had at least 8 players in their squad, so based on that around 72 players took part in the adult tournament.  I would say that there were also at least another 50+ people who just came to watch the games. So I would estimate that we engaged with around 150 people on the day in total.’