Christians Together in the Newbury Area: INSIGHT  MORNINGS:

These provide an opportunity to understand, share and engage in some of the needs of our community. They came out of discussions within the 16 CTNA Church Leaders and 16 CTNA Organisations of the town. Held from 9.30 to 12 noon on a Saturday, in the different Churches and halls within Newbury, they provide a creative and interactive opportunity to engage in Gods Mission, where we are.

During last year the Lord said: ‘there are opportunities and needs in our community, if you understand what they are and are informed, equipped and resourced. You are to gather the best in the field, locally, nationally and internationally, light the touch paper and watch them burn. Others will take them further, as they catch the fire!

So, my responsibility was to gather expertise, firstly, in the field of drugs and addictions, how to become a drug educator and invite the Church Community to engage.

Insight into Additions was the first morning held, led by Hope UK and Arcade. The next was Insight into Special Needs, led by Urban Saints and supported by Priors Court (a residential centre for special needs), Meet Monday (a discipling organisation), Prospects (teaching and resources) and MENCAP.

Insight into Mental Health Well Being: March 7th, 2015.  Every family and society will relate to this in some way. In this fast moving age when worry, anxiety, depression and burnout seems to affect so many, how can I maintain good mental health? What are the signs that things are going wrong? What is a Biblical perspective on Mental Health?
This morning is presented by someone engaged for many years in this area of healthcare, Suzanna Morris, Director of Churches Mental Health Consultancy who says:
We believe that God intends the Church to be the vehicle to restore hope to individuals and communities across the UK and throughout the world.

We exist to resource local churches of all shapes, sizes and traditions to extend hope to all in their neighbourhoods and congregations who daily encounter mental health issues.

We look forward to partnering with you as you seek to further serve your communities’.


Insight into the Golden Years, June 2015.  This will have two components, those preparing for retirement and those in retirement. How can I creatively engage in those things that interest me, support, encourage and bless others? How can I pass on my learning, experience, hobbies and skills? I can know that I am Significant, Secure and Accepted, both in Christ and in my Community. Could I mentor someone?


If you would like to know more about the Insight Mornings and they are open to everyone; please contact:
Colin Powell, Chairman of CTNA or 01635 524730