Prophecy Over Newbury

Transcript of Prophetic Word for Newbury

I heard the spirit of the Lord say this that just as angels came to Bethlehem to announce the birth of my son so I am sending my angel to this place to announce the beginning of a new day in the spirit realm over Newbury.

I am uncapping the wells in this place. I am ending a spirit of suffocation that has besieged this region so that every time you try to plant life and try to host me it is always a battle, it is always a fight. I am ending that siege that has come against this place. I heard the spirit of the Lord say that this will be a hub where my presence is hosted. Many people have celebrated Newbury because it had a bypass and they could escape the place and they didn’t need to come into the region. No longer will people bypass Newbury and no longer will my Spirit bypass Newbury because of this deep well of my presence that I am opening. I am raising missionaries again from this place. They are not for overseas work they are for work in this region. He has got mantles of Joseph for those to go particularly into two areas: mantles for government and mantles for business. He will put his men and women, like he put Joseph, to influence at the highest level. He is going to raise missionaries from a deep well in Newbury that will influence even on a national level. Newbury you are going to experience a touch of my glory. Newbury you are going to be a well of healing.



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