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The Cinnamon Network is granting over £500,000 in micro-grants to local churches in England, Scotland and Wales to start recognised church-based community projects.  The Cinnamon Network is trying to make it as easy as possible for local churches to serve those people who are most at need in their communities.  

Local churches can choose from a menu of twenty-five best practice community projects including well known initiatives such as Street Pastors, CAP Debt Help, Trussell Trust Food Banks and Night Shelter, as well as lesser-known projects such as Make Lunch, which helps churches to provide a meal a day for children who would otherwise go hungry during the school holidays because there are no free school meals.  In addition, The Cinnamon Network offers micro-grants of £1,500-£2,000 to local churches, or to groups of local churches, to help with the start-up costs of a church-based community project.  

For more information about Cinnamon Network regional events and micro-grants, please see .   

Should anyone want to talk through opportunities of any kind that local churches can take up, feel free to speak with Gordon Patterson on 07764 476361.