This year has seen the Saturday Prayer Breakfasts maintain a good number, we have times of worship, when we invite both CTNA and other organisations to share what God is doing in Newbury and pray, please join us.  We have rebuilt the Executive too.

Church Leaders meet once a month, new leaders have joined us, I feel we really do share heart and spirit, if one rejoices we all rejoice, if one is hurting we all hurt. But, we are of one mind, and want to see the Kingdom grow, we are stronger together.

We have had two Houses of Prayer established, a number of Insight Mornings on Mental Health and Golden Years, new Churches, Prophetic Prayer Walking, YMCA started the Youth Pop Up Café, just to highlight a few initiatives, we will share more later.

From working with children, youth, additional needs, those who are vulnerable, to Golden Years Ministry, the Church is there being the hands of feet of Jesus.

The Gathering took on a new look, with extended worship, a keynote speaker and Friends of CTNA.

The Good Friday Service, Walk of Witness and Easter Morning in Victoria Park, provided a witness to the town, of who we are and who we serve, we continue to review every CTNA activity, what went well, what can we do better?

Interaction with the Council and Social Services, of how the Church can help those in need. Broadcasting on both Kennet, Smooth and BBC Radio, provided a vehicle to raise the profile of CTNA.

I would like to thank the Executive, Steve Rocker who produces the Newsletter and Jonathan Yau for his work on the website and especially Christine Indge, to all of you, for your loyalty and prayerful support, without you, non of this would be possible.

For Glendale Church, who gave me the freedom, to serve 15 Churches and 15 Organisations within CTNA.

Keep your Vision, cast it often to your Church and Organisation, honour the past and don’t be frightened to change things as the Holy Spirit directs, but most of all; keep the Unity of the Spirit.

I would like to finish with Paul to the speaking to the Church at Philippi and also to Newbury; I am confident of this very thing, that He that has begun a good work in you; WILL continue it, until the day of Jesus Christ!