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Photo: Jackie Fountain CTNA extends a warm welcome to Jackie Fountain who has come from Reading to be the Curate of the Benefice of St. Nic’s and St Mary’s Speen.

Peter Bennet shared: “I saw a coastal landscape that had been struck by a huge storm which had now receded but which had reshaped the coastline. 

I saw 2 aspects – The low lying coast had been inundated and this had reshaped the landscape so that familiar paths were removed.

The cliff face had been eroded and things long buried had been exposed.  I had the sense these were treasures waiting to be discovered and that some treasures were old (neglected?) and some new.

When I prayed and reflected on the meaning of the picture I felt there was a noticeable distinction between the reaction of those who had known the coastline before (the locals?) who were feeling lost and had to look for new pathways through the unfamiliar landscape and the newcomers who were much more comfortable because they didn’t know it before.

I felt the picture was to help to understand and navigate the new following the effects of Covid-19…”

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CTNA Virtual Prayer Breakfast – 12th September at 8.30am. Please contact Joanna Abraham for joining instructions.

CTNA Prayer for Newbury – 1st November 2020, 6pm at St. Nic’s Church

BLACK LIVES MATTER & CTNA                                                              JUNE 2020
An Open Statement of Christians Together in the Newbury Area (CTNA)
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