Newbury Debt Centre celebrates 2nd birthday. Watch the update video here.


A copy of the 2020 CTNA Report is available here. The 2020 Treasurers Report can be found here.

A Newbury hero has fallen (Tribute to James McMahon)

Mark Landreth-Smith writes: “I am in shock. We all are. James McMahon died suddenly this week. He was 38. Pancreatitis. He was a hero in West Berkshire. 100s of young people and parents will remember fondly the annual Newbury YMCA football tournament he organised. Dozens of teams. A passionate youth worker at the Waterside in Newbury, he also worked for his local church St.Lawrence Hungerford; a footballer, manager of successful teams; popular, warm, engaging, with a deep lively faith worked out in his tireless love for others. A lovely man. Most of all James was a devoted husband to Jo and loving father to Hannah and Abi. We pray for them at this very sad time. We are all sad…”

Radio 4 Daily Service – Rev. Richard Littledale

You can listen to the recording of Richard’s Daily Service on Radio 4 via the BBC website here.

The Bus of Hope – a new book telling the story of the Bus of Hope is available from Shoemakers Bookshop (£7.50).
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BLACK LIVES MATTER & CTNA                                                              JUNE 2020
An Open Statement of Christians Together in the Newbury Area (CTNA)
Copy of statement available here.