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Sam and Joanna Abraham, Pastors of The RCCG, Jesus Disciples Centre in Newbury and a dedicated team of volunteers have again organised the Community Christmas Day Event on behalf of CTNA.

In celebrating the Birth of our Lord Jesus Christ, we stay with the vision to make sure that no elderly person is left on their own or goes hungry/ without a cooked meal on Christmas Day. We demonstrated the love that Jesus stands for by providing meals for a total of 96 Elderly People; we supported 36 elderly people to attend St Georges for the event and delivered 56 meals to people at home who could not attend. Amongst our guests was one lady who is 99 years old. Each guest received a goodie bag containing amongst other contents for tea time. 

Photo showing the goody bags that were provided to those who attended

The Mayor of Newbury, Cllr. Gary Norman, was in attendance and spent a couple of hours with the guests. There were about 40 volunteers including children, companions, drivers, entertainers and many of those who act behind the scenes.  The meal was prepared by Chef Martin Maskell and his amiable team at St Georges’ Church Hall Kitchen along the Andover Road.

Photo of the Christmas Day event showing various people

Amongst our generous volunteers was Councilor Phil Barnett and his wife. There was a lot of positive vibe around the room. One volunteer was so touched by event and said that one of the elderly men reminded her of her late Dad. She expressed that she was glad to have the opportunity to make a difference on such an important day.

Love Newbury Logo (Red Heart with Christian Cross)
Love Newbury Logo

More details to follow shortly

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