Our mission to be a “caring listening ear” for the retail sector for the Kennet Centre and Market has gone from strength to strength and we are now seen as part of the community, with a relevant and trusted role.
HOWEVER, the Parkway has been more difficult to sustain due to lack of volunteers, so we are combining both teams, to operate just on THURSDAY mornings.
ARE YOU CALLED TO THIS EXCITING WORK of being alongside people in their workplace. This is pastoral outreach which requires us to be friendly and caring.
It is great to be part of this ecumenical team- if you would like to give it a try please contact Maree Farrimond 01635 40014


joining the dots






Joining the Dots News Special
1,000 South Korean Christians Storming the UK to Pray!

Dear Friend,

Today, I am delighted to share the exciting news that the National Day of Prayer and Worship in partnership with the Korean World Prayer School are launching a new prayer mission this September which will see 1,000 South Korean Christians come to the UK.

The visit this September builds on a similar but smaller mission which took place in 2013 where 300 prayer intercessors visited 11 church communities across the British Isles.

The proposed dates for this amazing visit are 8th -18th September 2014.

I believe there is a call on the Church in the British Isles to warmly welcome our lovely Brothers and Sisters as they come to thank these Isles for sharing the Gospel in times past. The aim of the visit is for the Church in South Korea to repay with gratitude the British people for bringing the Gospel to their country. They will also be challenging us in the UK to remain strong and faithful to our Christian heritage and prepare for an Awakening.

The prophetic scriptures in Isaiah are mirrored in the arrival of these prayerful Koreans: “…Lift up your eyes (Britain) all around and see: they all gather together, they come to you: your sons/daughters come from afar. Isaiah 60:4   

I hope that you and your church can join in as these 1,000 South Korean Christians share in the worshipping life of 40 different communities in early September before gathering in Central London for two significant prayer gatherings.

Although the details are still being worked out, I would urge every Christian community, network or local church to prayerfully consider how they might be able to participate in this initiative. I believe we need to make this a united and cross denominational initiative so that the South Korean Christians see the best of the church in these Isles.

If you want your church, town, or city to be one of the hosting centres or simply to find out more, please email us

At 8.00pm this evening, I will be sharing more of my heart and vision for this historical prayer mission with Jonathan Bellamy from Cross Rhythms as part of tonight’s Breakthrough Nights show.
You can listen online to the how or on DAB across the UK.

I look forward to hearing from you and your village, town or city as we prepare to come together as one church across the Land praying with the 1,000 South Korean Christians in September. There is only one Kingdom!

May God’s will be done through united prayer, anointed preaching and compassionate action.

Every Blessing,

Dr Jonathan Oloyede

Convener of the National Day of Prayer & Worship







FOR THE REST of 2014





St. GEORGE’S [Large Meeting Room]
Christine Indge about Community Christmas



Jane Sutton talking about Newbury YMCA.



Organisation – Presentation by Carolyn Bramhall about Heart for Truth. 




See doors open!
Not just doors in your life, but doors for others too…

Mission Challenge
Overland Adventure from
Spain to North Africa in a week!

18th – 25th October 2014 

Join us, Ian and Irene, for a glimpse into North African Culture & Mission

Time for Intimacy with God, Sharpening & Envisioning
Fun, Exhilarating & Eye Opening

For adults who have limited time and desire the reassurance of some basic comforts whilst still being effective for God & personally stretched. For those who want to push some doors and see what God reveals.

Flying into and returning via Malaga airport, Spain, we will be travelling overland from Europe into Africa meeting those on mission, exploring the region and making a difference.

All inclusive from Malaga to Malaga
£675 + flights
(includes overland travel, ferries, hotels/accommodation,
food & insurance)

To find out more contact                         Please note spaces are limited, so book early.

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Loose Ends

Loose Ends is looking for volunteers…

To this end, Loose Ends is extending an invitation to church leaders to join us on a Monday (one at a time of course) to be part of the team.  (John Aldiss from St Nics has already taken up our invitation.)  Our hope is that positive feedback from the leaders will encourage other church members to come and take a look.

So will you help us?

Aim of Loose Ends

Loose Ends is a Drop in Centre for the homeless and vulnerable of Newbury and surrounding area and for those passing through Newbury. We provide food, clothing, bedding and friendly support. Our clients are often homeless or ‘sofa surfing’, may have addictions or mental illness or are on low incomes and struggling to make ends meet. Our service is run solely by volunteers from local churches and the local community.

Our main function is the preparation and serving of meals, but we also give out tins of food to take away and issue clothes, bedding and toiletries to those who need them. Volunteers serve meals, wash up, cook breakfasts, cook Sunday lunches and make soup.

All this whilst maintaining the most basic of Christ’s commands – to show love and acceptance for all.

Session Opening Times

Monday               12.30-1.15 pm Soup Kitchen
Tuesday              12.30-1.15 pm Lunch
Wednesday                  9.30-10.45 am Breakfast
Friday                            9.30-10.45 am Breakfast
Sunday               2.00-3.15 pm Lunch

Further information is on the website
If you are interested in volunteering please contact:


From Our Chairman Colin Powell




Toastmasters is all about communication and leadership. Toastmasters International have clubs in 122 countries (very strong in NZ; founded in the US in 1927, been in Newbury for 30 years). It was founded as a collaborative effort between the Greenham Air Base (back in the day) and Newbury Town.


There is a course we run for corporates called Speechcraft. It runs for two hours a week for six weeks. It takes 10 attendees per course. Attendees learn the value of vocal variety, structure, body language, and more, as aspects that can enhance a presentation, especially important for any presenter of the Lords word. During these courses, experienced club members provide positive feedback to assist the presenter to be their best. This often means letting the presenter know the myriad of things they are doing well, and yet no one ever says! Needless to say the evaluator is also looking for any area of improvement to further support the presenter to be their best.


The suggestion is that the Speechcraft course might be a significant value add to the Church ministries as they seek to bring The Word to life in today’s modern churches.


If you are interested:-
Please contact Tony Henderson-Newport
+44 (0) 7823 444789